About Us

EnemyZero (NmE0) has been around since 2004 and was formed by a couple of friends who loved to play games. With the advent of Xbox Live we began to play more online titles and we formed the clan so that we could game under one name and also have a team name that we could enter into tournaments.

Over the years we have had a lot of members come and go but the clan founders have always stuck around and continued to game. I think that the only thing that changed is that we became more casual gamer’s who promoted a “play for fun” attitude.

Whilst we do still play for fun there are a few of us who still like to mix it up and get some competitive games going on. Win or lose we do have a laugh.

We tend to game on most platforms but most of us are on Xbox Live. A few of us do venture onto the PC as well!

At the time of writing this page I am not sure what the plan is for this site, but watch this space and so as I get the time things will continue to happen. In the mean time keep gaming!

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